Accepting Online Payments

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Accepting Online Payments

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Accepting credit card payments online is the cornerstone of conducting business through your web site. If you can sell and market your products and let customers book your services online, online credit card payments are a must-have.

Two essential pieces of online payments: an e-commerce web site and a merchant account.


E-commerce Website
A web site that's capable of e-commerce: services rendered, collecting orders, shipping and billing information, and credit card payment processor.


Hire an e-commerce developer who will work with you to create exactly the site you want. E-commerce providers can also add e-commerce functionality to your existing web site.


Merchant Account
After setting up your e-commerce web site, your e-commerce system needed a credit card merchant account. This process varies depending on whether you already have a merchant account or not.


If you already have a merchant account because you accept credit cards in your store or over the phone, it should be pretty straightforward for your e-commerce provider to use that account.


Merchant account services / credit card payment processor carry several different fees. The discount rate is a small percentage of each credit card transaction, while the per-transaction fees are a flat rate applied to every charge. The bigger your average sale, the more important the discount rate is, so if you sell big-ticket items you'll want to make sure that's as low as possible.


The discount rate can vary for online credit card payments, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) charges, and in-person transactions. Often, the rate for online payments is higher, due to a larger perceived risk of chargebacks or fraud. Look for a merchant account provider with good experience handling online payments and you may be able to get a more favorable rate.


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